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Worldcon is the premiere science fiction convention in the world and it travels around annually. This is the event where the Hugos are awarded. It was first held in New York in 1939. Arizona has hosted it once.


# Date Location Chair Sponsor Guests Book Notes
36 1978
30 Aug
4 Sep
Hyatt Regency
Adams House
Phoenix Convention Center
Phoenix Symphony Hall
Tim Kyger
(and Greg Brown)
Pro: Harlan Ellison
Fan: Bill Bowers
Toastmaster: F. M. Busby


  1. Worldcon 36 was officially branded Iguanacon II. There was no Iguanacon I, at least not in reality. The background can be read in The Provenance of IguanaCon II (fanac.org). However, most of the actual imagery, including the actual program book cover, lists the convention as simply Iguanacon.

Other Documents

Worldcon 36

Further documentation can be read at IguanaCon II - 1978 WorldCon - Publications (fanac.org).

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Worldcon 45 (Bid Only)

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External Link

efanzines.com hosts PDFs of science fiction fanzines and File 007 #7 was an Iguanacon special issue.

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