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Arizona Penny Dreadfuls

Welcome to the website of the AZPD! We're here to serve and protect. Well, that or steal your women, drink your beer and sacrifice you to the great Lord Cthulhu. One or the other. We sometimes lose track.

Gooble Gobble, Gooble Gobble

We are a social group based in Arizona for those interested in the quirks, oddities and secrets of the Victorian era and its temporal environs.

We were founded in 2014 by Dee Astell (Countess Chaos), Hal C F Astell (Count Chaos), Khurt Khave (The Dirty Weasel) and Johnna Buttrick (the one who still hasn't figured out a genre persona or set up a website but she's awesome anyway).

Some of our passions are cabinets of curiosity; Grand Guignol; scientific romances and gothic horror; freakshows; post mortem photography; trepanning, phrenology and hysteria treatments; lost worlds in fact and fiction; gentlemen scientists; secret societies and obscure cults; Victorian fashion and its many layers; absinthe, laudanum and opium dens; the Yellow Peril; snake oil salesman, carnivals and travelling preachers; private menageries; Victorian museums; odd duels; the birth of the literary detective; waxworks and Chambers of Horrors; tea duelling; the Cthulhu mythos and other pulp joys; bad poets; mass murdering villains; music hall and vaudeville; Egyptian exploration and similar shenanigans. We adore the age of discovery and expansion, the industrial revolution and the rise of science, not to mention steampunk!

If those tickle your fancy, you've found like minds in the Dreadfuls, but beware! There's a Y in the day so we're probably just talking about tentacle porn.

We host many events throughout the year and our founders are involved in running many others. Some of these are family friendly but we do not restrict ourselves, so many are absolutely not.

Expect to see strangely awesome and no doubt eldritch stuff here at some point. In the meantime, the action right now is on our Arizona Penny Dreadfuls Facebook page. This is a closed group and most emphatically not suitable for minors, miners or mynahs, but if we haven't put you off thus far, please consider applying for membership.

Facebook Links

Arizona Penny Dreadfuls (adults only)

Apocalypse Later (run by Hal C. F. Astell)
Apocalypse Later Steampunk Film (run by Count Chaos)
Countess Chaos: The Chronicler (run by Countess Chaos)
First United Church of Cthulhu (run by Khurt Khave)
Jay Dee Cosplay (run by Johnna Buttrick)

Current Reference Pages

While our Facebook group is not family friendly, our website certainly is. We mostly maintain some reference pages here for southwestern steampunks and other fandom communities. Yeah, I need to update them, huh?


Steampunk Groups on Facebook

South West:

Steampunk Conventions in 2017
Steampunk Groups on Facebook


Steampunk Conventions in 2017
Steampunk Groups on Facebook


Here's where we retain pages that are no longer current but may be useful for historical purposes.


Arizona Film Festivals in 2016
AZ Penny Dreadfuls Flyers for Steampunk at Phoenix Comicon 2016
Southwestern Steampunk Conventions in 2016
Western Steampunk Conventions in 2016


Arizona Film Festivals in 2015
AZ Penny Dreadfuls Flyers for Steampunk at Phoenix Comicon 2015
Southwestern Steampunk Conventions in 2015

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